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To register for the Jeep Safari Event, please be sure to request to be on the mailing list of the Red Rock 4=Wheelers to receive the official Jeep Safari Paper in which the 2003 Registration Form is located. This is the only method to register - once you receive the paper, you can then cut out the form, fill it out, and mail it in with the accompanying payment. NO EMAIL NO PHONE NOR ONLINE REGISTRATION at this time. Placements on trails are allocated by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers based on a first-postmarked-first-serve system.

The Road To Moab

It's another beautiful spring in Moab, and with the past rains and snow pack, thankfully the spring is abundant with hopes for a great rest of the year ahead. The event that is known the world over, is once again gearing up, with a week long celebration of four wheeling at Easter Jeep Safari, put on by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc. 4WD club.
Official trails start on Palm Sunday, and run throughout the week... but the town and trails attract many more wheelers than those who've signed up for the official event. It truly is a happening. On top of the massive influx of all types of trucks, the major aftermarket product manufacturers, catalog companies, tire manufacturers, and accessory companies, all gather to show off their latest and greatest culminating in the Thursday and Friday vendor show at the Spanish Trail Arena.

Product / Service #3

The Jeep Safari is a tightly run event. "The Red Rock 4-wheelers take justifiable pride in extraordinary efforts to educate Safari participants about responsible trail use. The club's work supports our mutual goal of educating visitors about traveling only on established routes." Check in from 7am to 9am every day of the event at the Spanish Trail Arena to find out more details and talk to a Red Rock 4Wheeler in person!
We know that many of you have scheduled your entire calendar around the trek to Moab, we think you won't be disappointed. It's a unique event in that the event itself sprawls across a week's worth of trails, culminating in the Thursday and Friday gathering, and topped off with the massive parade of vehicles taking off through downtown Moab on Saturday morning! It's important to stay safe, be prepared, and of course, have lots of fun in the process!

Coverage On the Net

2001 Coverage of trail reports, interviews, news from around town.


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